It's all about Functional High Intensity Training

Meet Lauren

I was an elite gymnast for 20 years, competing and coaching at a national level. I was Level 10 All round Artistic State Champion, National vault champion multiple times and a State level triple jumper. I also have cert IV qualifications as a personal trainer.

I loved every second of being a competitive gymnast and athlete but my true passion has always been to help others become the strongest, fittest and healthiest version of themselves.

I was coaching children and I loved being able to give children the foundation and understanding of what it meant to live a healthy active lifestyle. I then started training their parents and that really excited me as I could see first hand the positive impact that physical exercise and making healthier life choices had on the whole family.


“I used the situation I was in and the parents and children I used to train as motivation to create workout programs that were quick, easy to follow, efficient and that would get results.”


Being an elite gymnast I understood from an early age how the body responds to physical exercise and how the body functions at its best.

I learnt the benefits of a strong core and how putting your body through a full range of functional movement can benefit you in your day to day life. I also learnt the importance of nutrition and more importantly that your mind is key to it all.

FHIT encompasses all those elements and is all about nurturing your body and your mind. The strength of the workouts and programs is the use of repetition.

Repetition is key for you to be able to gauge how much your strength and fitness has improved and for you to be able to push yourself that little bit further every time. Don’t get too used to the repetition though. Just as your body thinks it’s got it all sorted then boom it will change on you again and give your mind and your body the shock it needs.

FHIT has been created for you. To help you live your best life possible. For you to feel good about yourself everyday you wake up. For you to take charge of your life and show it who’s boss.

All you need to do now is press play, follow and commit.


FHIT by Lauren Hannaford is the perfect workout program for you

  • Full access to FHIT by Lauren Hannaford workout library
  • Foundations – 15min low impact kick starter 6 week program
  • Phase 1 – 15min low intensity workouts 6 week program
  • Phase 2 – 15min high Intensity workouts 6 week program
  • Phase 3 – 30 & 45min workouts 12 week program
  • Weekly meal guides
  • Personalised fitness test
  • Nutritional advice and healthy recipes
  • Mindfulness advice and exercises
  • Facebook FHIT community group