Employees health and wellbeing

A Healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy workplace.

Over recent years employers have become increasingly aware of the importance of employees health and wellbeing in the workplace.

There have been numerous studies and comprehensive research done in this area that it is now undeniable to say that healthier employees are happier and more productive at work. It is now a workplace risk not to have a holistic wellness policy implemented to take care of your employees.

Some of the major benefits you as an employer will receive from health and wellness programs in your workplace are:

Improved productivity

Increased creativity and innovation

Improved employee engagement

Improved staff morale

Reduced sickness-related absenteeism

Reduced presenteeism (health-related work impairment)

Reduced workplace injury and workers compensation costs

The major issue we hear from employees is always about how hard it is trying to find the time to workout and train.

That’s where FHIT by Lauren Hannaford comes in. It is the perfect wellness program to implement into your workplace for your employees. The initial workouts and programs with FHIT are only 15 minutes long. They will be challenging but they are the ideal length to fit in to a busy schedule and they will get results.

There is no equipment needed and the numerous workout videos and programs have been designed to suit everyones fitness levels and needs.

Employees can do the workouts in the privacy of their own home or even as a group during lunchtime at work.

FHIT by Lauren Hannaford is a results based program where each participant will complete a fitness test at regular intervals over the course of the programs. This way as an employer you can really see the link between an improvement in employees fitness test results with an increase in productivity in the workplace

Fitness and exercise has to be accompanied with healthy eating. FHIT offers a whole range of healthy recipes and easy to understand nutritional advice designed to educate the employee on making healthier food choices.

A healthy mind is key to it all, so with the help of psychologist Brian Langsworth FHIT has some really simple and effective mindfulness exercises. They are quick and easy to follow and can be done at home or even at the work desk just to re align the mind and alleviate any anxieties and stresses your employees may be feeling.

Have a read through some of the testimonials from nurses at the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) to hear first hand the incredible results they achieved.

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