Employees health and wellbeing

Happy and healthy people are better at work.

What’s your most important resource? Your people. In today’s world, keeping your people healthy and well in the workplace is more important than ever.

FHIT by Lauren Hannaford is the perfect addition to any corporate wellness program. It gives your people a chance to build their health and fitness at their own pace or with the team.

Many studies have found that healthier employees are happier and more productive at work. There are huge benefits for employees who implement a holistic wellness policy for their people.

Some of the major benefits a health and wellness programs could give your workplace are:

Improved productivity

Increased creativity and innovation

Improved employee engagement

Improved staff morale

Reduced sickness-related absenteeism

Reduced presenteeism (health-related work impairment)

Reduced workplace injury and workers compensation costs

“The major concern we hear from employees is how hard it is to find the time to get to the gym to exercise.”

FHIT is the perfect program for your people.

FHIT by Lauren Hannaford is a flexible online wellness program that works for your people and their needs. Fully flexible means they can workout at home or as a group during lunchtime — it’s their journey and their choice.

This unique program is just like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Your employees will begin at a level that matches their fitness. Then, they will progress from there. Starting at only 15 minutes each, the challenging workouts are perfect for busy schedules and hard-working professionals.

Designed to get results, the FHIT program has the below features for your people to enjoy:

  • All workouts use bodyweight only. Which means, there is no equipment needed and they’re designed for all levels.
  • The program is results-based, and employees will have access to a regular fitness test to keep them on track.
  • We’ll bring healthy eating and fitness together with easy recipes and nutritional advice to help your people make better food choices.
  • Our psychologist Brian Langsworth has created a range of simple and effective mindfulness exercises. These can be done anywhere, anytime to elevate stress and anxiety.

We’ve already successfully implemented the FHIT program at various workplaces. Read through testimonials from nurses at the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) to hear about the incredible results they achieved.

Fitness and exercise has to be accompanied with healthy eating. FHIT offers a whole range of healthy recipes and easy to understand nutritional advice designed to educate the employee on making healthier food choices.

A healthy mind is key to it all, so with the help of psychologist Brian Langsworth FHIT has some really simple and effective mindfulness exercises. They are quick and easy to follow and can be done at home or even at the work desk just to re align the mind and alleviate any anxieties and stresses your employees may be feeling.

Have a read through some of the testimonials from nurses at the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) to hear first hand the incredible results they achieved.

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