It’s time for a bit of real talk.
When the pandemic first hit, did you think you’d be spending your time learning new skills, working out or going for a run every day, perfecting your banana bread recipe or re-organising the house? We all thought we’d come out of lockdown feeling fitter, healthier and better than ever. In reality, for most of us, that’s not the case.
And that’s totally okay.
The last few months have been tough on us all but now, as restrictions ease, I’ve found people are starting to feel nervous about getting back to ‘normal’ and that includes going back to the gym. I get it, it’s intimidating but if you’re not ready to go back, I’ve got you.
Whether you’ve been working out from home during lockdown or not, motivation is something we all struggle with from time to time but I’m here to help. At FHIT, our workouts and programs are designed to help you build up each muscle group using repetition to really challenge you. Start off with either the Foundations program or Phase 1 and you only need to commit to 15-minute workouts too, so you can easily fit a workout into your schedule.
When it comes to exercise, repetition is key because you can quickly see how much your strength and fitness has grown and what is the biggest motivation to keep going? Starting to see results!
With FHIT, it’s not just about the workouts. I want to help you live your best life possible with weekly nutritionist-approved meal guides, fitness tracking, nutritional advice and mindfulness exercises. Then there’s our amazing online community who are always there to cheer you on when you need encouragement the most.
I can’t wait to help you on your fitness journey, post-isolation. It doesn’t have to be a scary transition and I’ll be here for you every step, lunge and squat along the way.
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Loz .Xx