Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s already mid-December and Christmas is right around the corner! It’s funny how this year has been turned upside down for everyone and while we were in the midst of it, it felt like time went so slowly yet here we are already close to putting 2020 behind us.
At this time of year, I always get a lot of emails and messages asking for advice on how to stay on track over the holidays. I have a couple of tips and tricks to help you, but just remember, it’s all about balance.
Stay Active
The great thing about FHIT is that the workouts are quick, easy and you can do them from the comfort of your own home. When you wake up (and after you’ve opened your pressies from Santa), get your workout gear on and smash out a 15-minute FHIT workout. Not only is it an active way to start your day, but it will also boost your endorphins for a wonderful day.
Eat a Healthy Breakfast
If you’re nervous about overeating or you’re worried about the types of food that will be served on Christmas Day, start your day by eating a healthy breakfast. By doing this, you are eating a substantial meal and you’ll be less likely to snack on sweets and you’re also less likely to overeat at lunch.
Plate Portions
A while ago I wrote a blog on plate portions and that is still relevant today. Divide your plate so that half is veggies and salads, and the other half is halved by carbs and protein. Another tip is to wait 15 minutes after your first plate before going in for seconds.
Be Nice to Yourself
The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to be nice to yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you do have that second plate of food or if you don’t manage that 15-minute workout. The holidays are a time for you to unwind and enjoy whatever it is you might be doing, and if it’s nothing, you should enjoy doing nothing!
Hopefully these tips can help you balance your healthy lifestyle with the pressures of Christmas. If you’re still not a FHIT member, sign up today with my little Christmas gift just for you – 20% off the three-month membership, just use the code FHIT-Christmas-Gift-20.