FHIT improves your life, not just your fitness. This holistic training program improves your heart, health and happiness.

We focus on Heart, Health and Happiness to help you become stronger and fitter than you even imagined, inside and out. FHIT is tailored to you, no matter what stage you’re at. From a kick starter beginner program to killer workouts for experienced exercisers — we’ll help you build your health, fitness and confidence quickly and safely.


Subscribe to FHIT and you’ll get access to workout videos that you can stream anywhere, anytime with no equipment needed. Together we will steadily build your fitness with weekly exercise programs and workout videos that range from 5 to 45 minutes.
Each FHIT membership comes with weekly nutritionist-approved meal guides, fitness tracking, nutritional advice and mindfulness exercises. Make no mistake the FHIT program will challenge you, and if you’re game it will change you.


Heart is all about the workouts. You’ll get started on the foundations program and we’ll increase the intensity as you work through each program and build fitness.
You’ll be guided through every workout with clear instruction. Lauren will help you focus on your technique and get the most out of every minute. The videos are fun but that doesn’t mean they’re easy, every interval training bodyweight workout will encourage you to push yourself to reach your potential.


The Foundations workouts are low impact and low intensity. This 6-week program will help you get started on your FHIT journey. We focus on building a healthy exercise habit and achieving foundational fitness without any fancy equipment.
Foundations is made up of 15-minute workouts. Each workout will take you through a range of bodyweight exercises and techniques. It’s the perfect program to help get you on the exercise bandwagon and help you move forward to Phase 1 of FHIT.


If you’re already doing some exercise, you’ll start here. Phase 1 is full of low impact and low intensity bodyweight exercises that will get you in to the FHIT zone.
If you’ve already done the Foundations Program (awesome work!), the Phase 1 workouts will push you to the next level. Phase 1 runs for 6 weeks.
As you begin exercising more, you’ll feel your body and mind change for the better. Improvements will keep you motivated as you smash the 15-minute Phase 1 workouts over 6 weeks. Using fitness tracking, you can gauge your progress and push yourself further every single time.
Again, there’s no equipment needed.


The next 6-week program will step it up. You’ll complete low to mid intensity bodyweight workouts. These will give your body the shake-up it needs to keep you on track and achieve your goals.
Each video is only 15 minutes and doesn’t use any equipment, ensuring there’s always time for bodyweight interval training in your day. During this program your cardio fitness, strength and mobility will drastically improve. All you have to do is keep working out, enjoy the challenge and relish in the results.


Now the fun really begins. You’ll love these fast, high intensity 15-minute workouts. Phase 2 is designed to seriously kick things to the next level, so get ready. If you’re up for it — and no doubt you are if you’ve done the previous programs — you’ll love the challenge Phase 2 brings.
Over 6 weeks you’ll feel fitter and stronger than ever. We’ll be right with you as you build cardio, resistance, abs and mobility. All you need to do is show up, press play and work hard.
Remember, there’s no equipment needed.


Meet the ultimate 12-week fitness program — if you dare. These high intensity body weight interval training workouts will take your strength and fitness to another level. If you’ve worked the program from the beginning, Phase 3 is where it all comes together. In this 12-weeks you’ll level up and start doing things you never thought possible.
These 30- and 45-minute workouts are tough. They’re physically and mentally challenging. If you commit, stay consistent and embrace the sweat then there’s no limit to what you can achieve.


You’ll have access to weekly meal plans. Each FHIT recipe is quick, easy to cook, healthy and nutritionist-approved. Plus, there’s a variety of snack ideas and plenty of nutritional advice to help you fuel your body as you transform it. Every recipe is suitable for the whole family.


We’re busier than ever. But, making time for your mental health is important because a strong mind helps to build a strong body. With FHIT, you don’t have to sit crossed-legged in a dark meditation room for hours at a time. Instead, our resident psychologist Brian Langsworth provides some quick, efficient and effective mindfulness exercises and advice.


We keep track of your achievements, so you can keep on track with your program. Our Fitness Check In will keep you motivated and accountable while you’re getting FHIT. Regular fitness tests, progress photos and wellbeing prompts will show you just how far you’ve come, highlighting strength, fitness and overall wellbeing improvements.