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Build long lean muscles. Improve your overall fitness. Boost your metabolism. Get FHIT.

FHIT is an online workout based on high intensity body weight training, inspired by gymnastics techniques. You can do the four 15-minute workouts anywhere, any time.

FHIT puts your body through a full range of motion. Just like gymnastics, it’s focused on your core strength – that’s how gymnasts get those amazing strong abs. Along the way, these FHIT workouts will build your strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness. And just as importantly, they’ll help to increase mental strength and give you clarity to help tackle life’s challenges. If this style of training is new to you then you will find beginner variations to each exercise in the members area.


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6 weeks of FHIT

In my 6-week program, you’ll do four different workouts scheduled out across the weeks: cardio, resistance, abs and mobility.

Each workout has been designed to increase your overall fitness and athleticism – they complement each other and all work to build core strength and overall mobility for long-term, balanced health. It’s important to incorporate them all into your weekly routine.

We’ll start with a focus on cardio. Better cardio fitness will help you to push through the resistance workout, which in turn, will set you up to push through your abs and mobility training. There are days off in the early weeks to allow your body to rest and recover but as the weeks progress the intensity increases. The program continues to evolve which keeps challenging you as your level of fitness, strength and mobility grows. By the end of the program you will be amazed at how far your overall fitness has improved.

But first you’ll start off with a fitness test to gauge where you’re at. You’ll repeat the test at the end of the six weeks to see just how far you’ve come. I know you’ll be excited by the progress you make. FHIT has already helped my clients become fitter and stronger than ever – read what they have to say.

FHIT Health

Fitness is also about nourishing your body with the best foods. When you sign up for my 6-week FHIT program, you’ll get access to a number of nutritious, balanced and delicious recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – as well as other tips and advice for healthy eating to nourish your body.

Check out some
sample recipes

Sign up now for only $9.95 a week, with no contract to sign.JOIN NOW

FHIT Happiness

FHIT is not just about training and healthy eating. It’s about being mindful of your body and the bodily experience – your posture, actions, physical sensations and breathing.

So what is mindfulness? It’s about presence. It’s about being in a situation and intending at a deep level to participate as fully as you are able to. Step back from your to-do list and pause for a moment to be attentive to what is happening in your body and mind, and around you. Adopt a posture of openness, care and dignity.

Exercise is critical for your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. I’m a firm believer in the benefits – I work out every morning to get myself in the right frame of mind to tackle the day. Through FHIT you will build power, strength, resilience and agility. It’s a bonus that this will be mental as well as physical.


Frequent asked questions

Who is FHIT for?

FHIT is for anyone who wants to get fit and healthy. Our focus is on helping you feel happier about your health and wellbeing by building core strength, flexibility and boosting energy. It’s great for time-poor parents, busy executives, or really active people looking for something fresh to add to their fitness regime.

I haven’t exercised for a long time, will I be able to do FHIT?

Absolutely. The beauty of FHIT is you can adjust the pace to suit your level, and just watch yourself improve over time. In the member area, we also provide a range of alternatives to some exercises in case you need it.

When can I start?

You can start the 6-week program right now, or any time you want.

I’ve paid, what next?

You’ll receive a starter pack by email with all the information you need to access the member area and get started with your workouts.

What if I miss a day?

Don’t worry, just get back on track as soon as you can.

What support is available?

When you sign up, you’ll be invited to join our private supportive Facebook community. You’ll not only be a member for the duration of the 6-week program, but for life! My team is also on hand to answer any other questions you may have. Just shoot us an email.

What happens when I finish?

Give yourself a big pat on the back – you’re awesome! We’re guessing you are going to be feeling fantastic so why don’t you continue with your subscription to enjoy continued access to the workouts, or you could repeat the 6-week program again to get even more physical and psychological benefits. We will also be launching new programs soon, so keep an eye out.

I have a medical condition/I am pregnant. Can I still do the training?

Please check with your doctor before starting the FHIT program.

What if I get halfway through and don’t like it?

We’ll be sad, but just let us know and we’ll stop your payments.

How safe is my personal information?

We adhere to privacy policy requirements and would never share your data with anyone.

What are your payment options?

Payments are made through a secure third party payment system. (
All payments are recurring weekly at $9.95 or 6 weekly at $59.70.
Payments can be cancelled anytime through your membership profile.