With Christmas fast approaching it’s only natural that we are all getting very excited about the delicious lunches, dinners, drinks and everything in between. It is important to let yourself indulge and get amongst the festivities but it is just as important to be mindful about maintaining a balance. Don’t ruin all of your hard work throughout the year in 1 week.

Here are a few tips to ensure you enjoy yourself but don’t break the indulgence bank on Christmas Day.

1. Start the day the active way

I would suggest you get up and be active first thing in the morning, it could be a quick 15 minute FHIT workout at home or a walk around the block.

2. Eat a healthy Breakfast

Fuel yourself with a healthy and substantial breakfast so that you don’t find yourself overeating at lunch. If you go to Christmas lunch with a satisfied stomach then you are less likely to loiter around the snacks table and find yourself spending more time catching up with family and friends. Here is a delicious and filling breakfast recipe.

3. Leave enough time for preparation and cooking

If you are the designated cook for the day then give yourself enough time to get everything done. If you are in a rush then you will more likely find yourself getting heavy handed with the free pours on the salt, oil and flavourings.

4. Sleep helps with healthy choices

Make sure you have enough sleep during the festive period. When we are tired we tend to reach for higher calorie and oily foods.

5. Plate portions is key

Divide your plate so that it is half veggies and salad and the other half is a quarter carbs and a quarter protein. Also a handy tip is to wait 10-15minutes after your first plate of food before you dive into having seconds. You may not need that second plate after all. Here is an example for you to follow.

6. Be mindful of your booze

It’s no doubt you want to enjoy a beer, wine or spirit throughout this time so make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Handy hint is to go one for one. Every time you finish an alcoholic beverage, have a glass of water. Also put your glass down in between sips so you will drink slower. *Swap wine for prosecco and full strength beer for light beer.

7. Fruity desserts

If you bring, make or plan to eat dessert then opt for the fruit based desserts. They tend to be way more delish anyway.

Loz. xx