How good is water?!….. I know right, but it is definitely something I need to drink MORE of…… GUILTY!!!

Staying on top of your hydration is important at anytime of the year.

It can be a easier to do throughout the warmer months as you are usually always feeling super hot and thirsty ALL the time.
BUT It is just as important to stay on top of it in the colder months as you may not find yourself feeling as thirsty, which means you need to be more mindful to be sipping on that H20.

I don’t know about you but I always know when I haven’t had enough water because i find myself feeling headachy and lethargic….. It is always a clear sign that is WATER TIME!

If you like to be fit and active as much as I do then it is even more important to stay on top of it. Which means lots of water for us FHITters!!
Here is a little tip that I have started using to remind me to drink water and keep me hydrated throughout the day.
I take a 1.25L bottle and put several black lines on it with different times of the day. This is just a friendly reminder to keep on track throughout the day. Go ahead and g
ive it a go as well.

What is the importance of Hydration?

Every organ in your body needs water to function at it’s best. Your body uses water to remove waste and yuckies, maintain body temperature, and keep your joints lubricated.
In short – Your body needs water to survive.
Under rare cases of extreme dehydration through not having enough water, our organs will start to shut down.

What else is important?

Drinking nice clean water of course.
We drink water to help flush out the yuckies so it is important we aren’t putting them into your body as you drink.
I would definitely recommend getting a filtered water bottle or water jug to have at home.

Until next time…
Loz. xx