Usually by the time that lunch comes around I’m staaaarrrrving.
I would have eaten breakfast, I would have trained early and I’ve probably had a snack mid morning like an apple or some nuts or even a protein shake.
It’s time to eat again and don’t get me wrong my head goes straight to ‘give me burgers, all the burgers and chips’ to fill me up as quickly as possible. But I resist the urge as I know that isn’t the right thing to do and know that it will just make me feel heavy and bloated and undo all the good work from the morning.
So…… here are a couple of lunch ideas (to quieten down that burger talk) that can help fuel you to continue on with the day without feeling full and uncomfortable and will hopefully combat that feeling of needing a post lunch sleep. Food coma anyone?!?

Grilled Chicken Salad

I always go for the lettuce salad mix that you can find in the supermarket and just fill the plate or bowl with that to start. Then i  will add whatever I have in the crisper in the fridge. Things like tomato, cucumber, capsicum. I’m going through a bit of a beetroot phase at the moment so I’ll put in some beetroot slices as well. Sometimes I will also slice up a boiled egg that I already have in the fridge and put a spoon full of cottage cheese on top.
You don’t want to overdo it with ingredients whilst still trying to keep it interesting. I don’t use any dressing and I know that’s a bit boring but if I need a little extra flavour I will squeeze some lemon or lime on top, or maybe even some cracked pepper…. Cracked pepper on salad, say whaaaaat?!
Now with the chicken, just grill a skinless chicken breast and slice up a portion the size of your fist. Usually you can get a couple of meals out of one chicken breast.
If you get over chicken try some tuna from the can. I always get the plain tuna in spring water. Variation with salads is the key so keep trying different combinations.
Serving size: Half a chicken breast or medium sized can of tuna and a plate or bowl full of lettuce.
CHOOSE 4 or 5 of these ingredients to add to your lettuce.
Tomato, cucumber, capsicum, corn, avocado, beetroot, cottage cheese, egg, chickpeas, carrot, sprouts, celery, mushroom.
You can always find a grilled chicken salad on most menus if you are out for lunch. Just ask for no dressing or dressing on the side.

Open Sandwich

It’s best to limit the amount of bread you have so an open sandwich gives you the best of both worlds.
Choose a slice of whole grain bread. I tend to not use butter and replace it with avocado. If you do use butter just makes sure you use it really sparingly and don’t lather it on.
Once again with an open sandwich you just need to find the balance of carbohydrates (slice of whole grain bread), a protein (an amount the size of your fist) like chicken, tuna, smoked salmon, turkey and then salad mixture like avocado, tomato lettuce etc.
You want equal parts carbohydrates and protein and twice the amount of salad mix.
Serving size: One slice of whole grain bread.
CHOOSE 1 of these proteins: Chicken, tuna, salmon, smoked salmon, turkey, ham, egg.
CHOOSE 3 or 4 of these salad ingredients: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, avocado, cottage cheese, mushroom, sprouts.
You can always replace the bread with thin rice cakes or a wrap. They are always a good alternative.
Loz. xx