Lauren Hannaford is a former elite gymnast, competing and coaching at a national level for over 20 years with a burning desire to encourage, motivate and inspire people to live fit, active and healthy lives.
Her passion for health and fitness evolved over the years, branching out into personal training, dancing and fitness modelling.
In 2010 Lauren was approached by the Wiggles to join the troupe and accepted the once in a lifetime opportunity. Over a four-year period, Lauren fulfilled the roles of Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and Dorothy the Dinosaur and featured in numerous Wiggles DVD’s and their TV series Ready Steady Wiggle.
Following her retirement from competitive gymnastics, she developed a revolutionary online training program FHIT by Lauren Hannaford. The Functional High-Intensity Training features her unique style of physical workouts with a focus on strength and conditioning. Backed by her firsthand experience and knowledge of core gymnastics exercises and skills, FHIT utilises body weight and zero equipment – making workouts easy, equipment free and can be done anytime, anywhere
Lauren is an incredibly positive person and we chat about her exciting career and key philosophy, her amazing fitness program plus she shares a tonne of great fitness advice including:
-Lauren’s journey from an elite gymnast to Dorothy the Dinosaur to a leader in fitness
-How often should we be exercising?
-How hard should we be training to see results
-Lauren’s Ninja Warrior Experience and what her training schedule entailed
-Finding the “conscious why” in our workout
-Lauren’s favourite workout and wellness hack