When it comes to food we have to GET REAL and take note of how much food we are actually consuming.
We have become a society of over eaters and gradually over time the population has been gaining more and more weight. Australia has one of the highest levels of obesity in the world and yet our climate and lifestyle suggest that it should be the opposite.
I believe two of the main reasons for this is the amount of sugar we are consuming (see sugar blog ) and the amount of food in general we are consuming.
We should eat to feel satisfied, not eat to feel full. We should only eat when we are feeling hungry and not just for the sake of it. I learnt something a while ago that i always try to remember when i sit down for a meal and that is to stop eating when i am not hungry anymore, not when i am finished.
Growing up we are often told to finish everything on our plate. That’s all well and good as a growing child but as an adult if you are full then stop eating. It’s ok to leave a little bit of food on the plate.
It’s time to turn things around and take note of exactly how much food we are eating on a daily basis.
As an exercise for a whole week write down exactly how much food you eat, including, soft drinks, fruit juices and alcohol.
Be completely honest. Take note of portion size and compare it to the chart under ‘Portion size‘ blog.
Doing an exercise like this gives you a reality check of how much food you are consuming and then hopefully it gives you the realisation of how much food you really need to survive and get through the day.
Let’s GET REAL and change the over eating pattern we have all fallen in to.
If you have any other tips and tricks to help us be conscious about our portion sizes then head over to the FHIT community and share them with me and your fellow FHIT members.
Loz. xx