It’s only one month into the new year, which is more than enough time to have already broken your new years resolutions (whooops) or perhaps you haven’t made one yet?

Now is a great time to have a think about what it is you want to achieve this year.

What is your new years resolution? It can be as big or as small as you like. There could even be more than one! Whatever they are, make sure they are realistic. There is no sense in going all extravagant if you know you won’t commit to it as soon as you are saying it. Make them small wins that make you feel good by sticking to them.

Here are some examples for you to have a think about:
  1. Cutting down on your daily coffee intake by simply ditching that last coffee of the day. (you know, the one you always question whether you should have it or not)
  2. Do two outdoor walks a week. It could be one on your lunch break at work and one on the weekend.
  3. Ditch the mid week booze and only have a drink on the weekend. (and that’s not to say go wild and binge on the weekend. ha!)
  4. Every Sunday of this year put $7 into a jar and at the end of the year donate the money to a charity.
  5. Tell your partner at least once a day that you love them and let them know one thing that they do that you are grateful for.

Take some time now to have a think about what little changes you want to make in your life.
Make them small, simple and something you can commit to everyday.

I have only made one resolution so far, and again it’s only a small one… If you follow me on social media you would have seen that my husband Simon and I were recently away in Europe. Going on this trip is where the inspiration for my resolution has come from…

I have decided that i won’t be eating anymore bratwurst sausages for the rest of the year hahaha i’m totally kidding, although we have had our fair share. ? The real resolution is to simply continue to stay consistent with my training. It’s easy to lose consistency when your routine is interrupted. This is exactly what travel can do but I have felt really proud of how consistent we have both been with our training while we have been away. I also want to make sure that it continues throughout the year, knowing how much travel I have to do.

Let me know what your resolution is. I’d love to share them with me. @LozHannaford

Loz. Xx