For those of you who are already familiar with the FHIT workout programs, you’ll know there are currently four phases:

  1. Foundations
  2. Phase 1
  3. Phase 2
  4. Phase 3

The way these phases are structured means that each one gets more challenging and intense as you work your way through. At the moment there’s quite a jump in intensity from Phase 1 to Phase 2, so to make the transition easier for those of you who are just starting out with training, the FHIT team and I created Phase 1.2.
This phase is all about low to mid-intensity training and we created it to give you a comprehensive, all-over body workout from your own living room, backyard or even bedroom. Each workout only takes 15 minutes, with a variety of resistance, abs, mobility and of course, cardio… but don’t worry there are rest days too! The best part? These home workouts require NO equipment!
Now, you might think – how can I get my sweat on in just 15 minutes? Well, that’s the beauty of interval training! All these workouts have been designed to get your heart rate up, and fast – perfect for those of you who are time-poor people (we’ve all been there)!
Like the rest of the FHIT program, Phase 1.2 is available as an online workout via a member portal on the website. They are recorded as workout videos, so I’ll be sweating it out right next to you! Not a member? For a taste of a FHIT workout, try one of my quick online workouts posted to my Instagram.
As someone who trained as an elite athlete, with a cert IV qualification as a personal trainer, I know that repetition is key for you to be able to see how much your strength and fitness has improved and you’ll see this is the main focus in all our FHIT programs.
That’s why Phase 1.2 runs as a 6-week program. 6 weeks is long enough that you’ll be able to see improvements, but not too long that you’ll get bored… And, just as your body thinks it’s got it all sorted, BAM, you’re introduced to the next phase!
If you’ve been training for a while, and you’re ready to try something new you can sign up to FHIT and go straight to any phase that suits your fitness level. If you already have a basic understanding of interval training, start off at Phase 1.2 and see how you go. I show examples of techniques and variations for all exercises, and I will always encourage you to go at your own pace!
Stay consistent and enjoy the challenge, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve! Don’t forget to share your results with us too, we love seeing how you’re getting on.
Loz. XX