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The FIT Membership incorporates the Phase 1 FHIT by Lauren Hannaford workouts.

Phase 1 is a 6 week program based around four 15 minute workout videos – Cardio, Resistance, Abs and Mobility. All workouts are low impact and low intensity.

Phase 1 is a great place to start your fitness journey or the perfect way to get back in to some training.

Over the 6 weeks as your fitness improves, it’s a great opportunity to push yourself even further and try some of the more advanced versions of the exercises that I show you during the workouts.

You will also have access to delicious recipes, nutritional and mindfulness advice and ongoing support by me and other members in the Facebook FHIT community.

At the end of the 6 weeks I really encourage you to upgrade to the FAST membership to try the Phase 2 workouts, where you will achieve even greater levels of weight loss, strength and overall fitness.


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