Quinoa, Beetroot and Broccoli Salad with Sultanas, Pepitas and Raspberry Dressing Recipe

Serves 4 people – Gluten Free, Dairy Free Refined, Sugar Free 



½ cup uncooked quinoa 
1 beetroot 
¼ head of broccoli 
600g sweet potato 
1 carrot 
1 capsicum 
¼ cup of walnuts 
¼ cup of sunflower/pepita seeds 
¼ red onion 
¼ cup of sultanas 
¼ cup of fresh parsley 
¼ cup of fresh spinach


1 cup of raspberries
1 tsp of dijon mustard
1 tsp of honey
1 tsp of raspberry vinegar
1 tsp of olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste


Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Wash, peel and quarter the beetroot and sweet potato. Arrange pieces on baking tray. Cook in oven for approximately 30 minutes.

Meanwhile cook quinoa for approx. 11 minutes *follow heating instructions stipulated on packet. Wash and trim broccoli stalks and place in boiling water to steam for 2 minutes. 

Arrange walnuts, sunflower and pepita seeds on a tray. Bake for 5 minutes at 180°C, frequently checking to ensure they do not burn. 

Mix the quinoa and parsley together, adding salt and pepper to taste. Add all remaining ingredients, including finely chopped onion, carrot and capsicum. Toss and garnish with seeds.

Recipe provided by the amazing team at Eat Fit Food.