Staying on track with your FHIT workouts will help you achieve great results both physically and mentally but to really take it to the next level and achieve your fitness goals you have to eat a healthy diet.
If you haven’t been eating well for a while you have to break eating habits and patterns that you may have formed over many years.
One of the most important things to cut out of your diet is refined sugar.
We all know the obvious foods where we find refined sugar like soft drink, lollies, cakes, ice creams and chocolate but you’d be surprised in how much sugar we are consuming each day and we are not even aware of it.
High amounts of refined sugar can be found in food known as healthy foods like sauces, breads, cereals, yoghurts, health bars, ice tea and even sports drinks.
The best way to avoid these high quantities of sugar in your diet is to avoid eating processed food and the best way to achieve that is to only visit the fresh most food section of the supermarket.
A little tip if you are having a sugar craving is to eat some grapes or some dates. They are a great substitute.
The less sugar you end up having the less you will start to crave it.
It’s time to break the sugar habit and I guarantee you will feel a whole lot better.
Sugar my sweetheart, I’m sorry but we are breaking up with you for a while 😉
Loz. Xx