Rinse and repeat, we’ve heard it all before. From hair care to fitness – consistency and repetition is key!
But why is repetition so important? That’s for a number of reasons. Take a read of my latest blog and find out how repetition can help you along your FHIT journey.
For your health
The number of times or “reps” that you do a specific exercise is important if you want to improve your heart health. It helps us build fitness and endurance – and that’s so important for a healthy life!
Rep counting is easy with FHIT, count along with me and together, we’ll be living the FHIT life.
Don’t forget that intensity also plays a role in progression, but repetitions are very important too.
Checking In
Not feeling it today? Reps can help us feel out our tiredness or fatigue.
Repeated patterns in training help us realise if we’re tired or under the weather. If you’re not reaching your usual rep count, it could just be “one of those days,” or if you find your reps more of a struggle over a longer period, then your body might need more rest, less stress or better fuel.
Noticing the change in the number of repetitions we’re able to achieve is a great reminder of how to be present in your body and in your workouts.
Building a routine
Doing exercises with a set or target number of repetitions can help us build consistency.
People who rely on repetition learn to accurately interpret their body’s signals and better adapt to maintain training consistency. That’s being present and being consistent – two really big factors in seeing results with fitness.
Building up confidence in your form
We all like to feel confident and familiar with our workouts and that’s because of our body and mind connection! The more we perform an action (repetition), the more engrained that becomes in our brain and muscles.
Our brain and body connection is called the neuromuscular system. When we want to move a muscle, a message is sent from our brain to the muscle to perform the action. The more we perform the action over and over again, the easier or more efficient the messaging system and movement become.
That means, the more we practice our movements and repeat actions, the better we become at them.
Goal building
And finally, repetition is so important for goal building. Like I said earlier, it’s important to establish a routine and track how you’re feeling with it. Set a number of reps with a goal in mind and increase this over time. That’s a really easy measure of your progress, fitness and a great way to celebrate showing up to your workouts!
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