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Kimberley G



I can honestly say that I feel like I’ve tried every work out program and diet plan under the sun which can get pretty tiring when you put in everything and don’t see results, or they don’t allow you to have a normal lifestyle, or are just too hard to stick to.

FHIT with LOZ is absolutely SENSATIONAL!! From the first week through to the last, I felt challenged and motivated. It’s so achievable and is just 15 minutes away from the best work out ever!

I couldn’t believe what a sweat I worked up in just 15 minutes. I’ve gone for a run for 45 minutes before and not even been that sweaty!!
The program caters to your abilities, so you can start off with what you can manage and as you become familiar with the program, and your confidence increases in the exercise routines, you can really start to challenge yourself by working harder and faster to get more out of your 15 minutes.

The program is also incredibly flexible, you can do it at the park if the sun is out, at home in your lounge room or in a hotel room if you’re travelling with work or holidaying.

Before I started the program I personally really struggled with the idea of getting up early to exercise but NOW I wake up at 5am (which is crazy because I’d never be awake before 7am at the earliest!!) And I basically bound out of bed now doing the 15 minute program and taking the dog for a run.

My whole outlook and enthusiasm for exercise has changed!! I feel like I’ve increased my fitness, toned up my body, have more energy and confidence!! I could not recommend FHIT with LOZ highly enough, it’s a great place to start if you are time poor, or need a program that is flexible around your lifestyle.

Give it a try! You’ve got nothing to lose (but the weight!)