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The Langsworth Family


“I started at the gym last year and couldn’t run on the treadmill for more than 5 minutes without feeling sore and out of breath, and just a little deflated! (so I avoided it!) After only 2 weeks doing FHIT I gave it another go and couldn’t believe that after half and hour of running, I was still going and it was easy! I was so surprised! 15 minutes per day was really easy to commit to and after a long exercise hiatus due to back surgery I was cautious, I was not perfect at everything but I gave it my best and was rewarded with increased flexibility, speed and energy and was just a little bit proud of myself and grateful to the program for instilling this confidence back into my exercise regime. I thought this would be a one off 6-week challenge but it fits into my day so well and gave me results so quickly that I’m going to continue it!”

Sarah Lamond 48yrs

“I spend most of my afternoons sitting at home after school doing homework, when i started doing FHIT it just made me feel happier and healthier. It was only fifteen minutes of my day and it made me feel great!! It was also apparent that the exercises were getting so much easier as each session went by! Sometimes i get quite a sore back from doing homework all afternoon but after doing FHIT i could tell it had improved quite a lot, and overall it just made me feel so bright and healthy!! I loved the program!

Sascha Langsworth 13yrs


“Having been a runner for most of my life, FHIT was a whole new (and welcomed) challenge. The high intensity workout felt great for my body and mind. It was terrific to see the improved results in fitness, strength and flexibility and was a great start to the day or a finish to a stressful day! I look forward to continuing on the program, for the benefits of both my physical and mental wellbeing”.

Brian Langsworth 48yrs