Tips to Goal Setting in 2021

I can’t believe I’m sitting down to write about goals for 2021!

It’s already been a crazy start to the year with the arrival of our beautiful baby boy, Asher William Pryce! We’ve spent the past couple of weeks staring at him while he’s awake and staring at pictures of him while he’s asleep, do any other new mummas do this or is it just me? So far, this year has been totally consumed by Asher but I’m also about to release FHIT-natal and some other really exciting projects and wanted to set some goals for myself.

I have three tips when it comes to goal setting:

  1. Reflect on your year.
  2. Visualise your WHY.
  3. Be realistic.

My very first tip to goal setting in 2021 is to reflect back on your year. If you have a notepad and pen, I’d love for you to write down the answers to the following questions or write them up on Word Document.

  • What goals did you write down at the beginning of 2020?
  • Are these goals big or small?
  • Did you achieve them?
  • If yes, give yourself a big pat on the back and reflect on how you did it.
  • If not, what challenges did you face that prevented you from achieving them?

The important part about reflection is figuring out what worked for you, what didn’t work, where there were gaps and how you can do something better. For example, last year I wrote down that I wanted to travel more of the world. We all know that didn’t happen, but I know that it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with a global pandemic, which was totally out of my hands! If any of your goals weren’t achieved because of COVID-19, please don’t be hard on yourself and remember that it was something you never thought would happen and something you have no control over!

Secondly, visualise your WHY. Veteran FHIT members and all of you that read my blogs would know by now that I love to speak about your WHY. If you don’t know WHY you’re working towards a goal, it becomes void! I speak about this with my FHIT members all the time, who have given me many different answers to their WHY. Some want to be better partners, some want to be a good role model for their children and others want to increase their fitness for their work. Connecting to your WHY is a powerful tool that will help you stay motivated and moving in the direction of those goals!

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m a dreamer and I love to set extravagant goals that realistically I probably won’t be able to reach and sometimes that leaves me feeling a bit deflated. So, my last tip is to be realistic about your goals. If you’re new to goal setting, start with smaller achievable goals, and slowly make them bigger and bigger as you achieve them.

Make sure you tag me in your goal setting pictures on Instagram or send me a DM if you have more tips and tricks!