With Winter in full swing in the northern hemisphere and Summer starting to wind down here in Australia, I’ve prepared some tips to keep you motivated when the cold feet start to set in!
1. Keep it simple!
If the chill has got you feeling a bit daunted about working out, keep your routine simple. I recommend picking three exercises (I like squats, lunges and push ups) and whenever you’re feeling sluggish do 10 of each exercise to get your energy levels up and endorphins pumping!
2. Be prepared
The dark can be just as unmotivating as the cold, so prepare yourself ahead of time.  Get your workout clothes and any equipment ready the night before to battle the early morning blues. If you can squeeze in a lunch time session of FHIT, even better!
3. Be accountable
If you’ve been with FHIT for a while, you’ll know about the benefits of having a workout buddy. This can be especially helpful when you feel less motivated, that friendly competition and support will drive you to workout and keep you accountable. You’ll both be responsible for turning on a FHIT workout each day and keeping each other on track. A workout partner will also keep you motivated and encourage you through the toughest exercises.
4. Change up your location
FHIT is available online at any time, making it the perfect choice for Winter weather! So, if you’re someone who likes to workout outside maybe workout at home during Winter, keeping you extra warm and cosy during that workout session. That means you get the added bonus of not having to go anywhere too!
If you’re already an avid home workout user, then change up your location within the house instead! A change of perspective could really help you push through some of those tough sessions.
5. Remember your why
Why not keep a workout journal to remind yourself how great exercise makes you feel and how much of a positive impact it has on your day?! Write down how you feel before a workout, which workout you did and how you felt after. Whenever you don’t feel like working out, read your workout journal and remind yourself of your WHY. Hopefully, the thought of happy hormones and extra endorphins gives you that extra motivation to push play on your next FHIT workout.

We’d love to hear about your tips for staying motivated! You can email us your tips and we’ll share our favourites with the rest of the FHIT family.